LA SEMEUSE grain coffee

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LaSemeuse: The best Swiss coffee of the highest quality

Welcome to the world of unsurpassed LaSemeuse coffee! We are a leading Swiss coffee company offering coffee of the highest quality and unique taste. Our company has a rich history and impeccable reputation, which we pass on from generation to generation, creating products that have become a symbol of excellence.

Our secret lies in the coffee roasting experience we have gained over a long and difficult journey. LaSemeuse beans are roasted in the mountains at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, at a temperature that not only preserves the natural aroma, but also allows it to fully develop. We attach great importance to quality, so cooling after roasting is done only with pure mountain air, without the addition of water.

Our range includes a wide selection of coffees designed specifically to satisfy the most sophisticated coffee lover. We carefully create recipes so that every sip of our coffee is a unique pleasure. No matter which brewing method you prefer, our coffee is suitable for any occasion, so you can enjoy the perfect drink.

We are proud that experts unequivocally recognize LaSemeuse as a leader in its industry in terms of quality, taste and range. Try our coffee once and you won't want to drink anything else. We invite you to our world of superior quality Swiss coffee, where every cup is a true delight.

Join us and discover the unsurpassed taste and quality of LaSemeuse coffee today!